About the Site

This is a blog where I review movies. I determine what movie I will watch next based off of FlickChart’s¬†overall user rankings of movies. If you do not have a FlickChart account, I encourage you to make one. It’s not only a very entertaining webstie but also a useful one. Feel free to friend me on there, my username is jacobplikesmusic. I’m not the kind of critic who reviews contemporary movies on a regular basis, but anytime I see something in theaters, I’ll write a first impressions review for it. I also review my personal favorite movies from time to time. Thank you, and remember kids, crack is whack.

Also, if I put anyone I know personally on blast on this website, instead of coming to me and trying to justify your usage of what is indisputably a racial slur, perhaps take what I say about you to heart, and consider reevaluating your character. And perhaps try to understand that me not coming up to you in person and giving you shit for a character flaw you have is just the easiest way for me to do things. People who read my blog don’t know who I am in real life, and I never call anyone by their actual name. I’m not defaming your character. I write about what films mean to me in the context of my life, and if something about a film reminds me of something in my life, that’s going to influence my feelings about it. So instead of saying “Hey, that’s not the place to say that kind of stuff,” think about what the point of writing about a movie is if you’re not going to say how it made you feel.